Hi, I'm Sara FRATINI!

Hide me in spaces mysterious, inhabited. Suggest a presence of the absence. Play To maintain a dialog. Conter of secrets by objects stolen from my daily, in their banality and charge symbol (A Cup, the reflection of a mirror, a chandelier, a key dropped by land, a sofa...). Architecture and photography are part of my tools. I put in place of the situations in space, I create mocks, scene updates; I studied the framing and the light. Immediacy of the photo and "dramatization" of the real are the essential preliminary to my painting. Sometimes a game on the image installs which gives origin to a job in series. This work often remains open. Nothing is said and nothing is hidden. The image is developed in a process of construction and deconstruction, toward a form of ambiguity between appearance and disappearance, between warp and unveiling, affirmation and uncertainty.

Maison Elsa Triolet-Aragon - Saint Arnoult-en-Yvelines
Exposition personnelle
Fonds culturel de l'Ermitage - Garches - 2023
Exposition personnelle "Au bord de l'horizon"
Galerie Emergence - Paimpol - 2022
Exposition collective inaugurale
Galerie Le Coin des Arts - Paris - 2022
Exposition personnelle "Implication(s)" - Commissaire Cendrine Vivier
Sciences Po - Lille - 2022
Exposition collective "Transgression(s)""
Galerie Emergence - Paris - 2022
Exposition "Légendes intérieures"
Galerie Le Coin des Arts - Paris - 2022
Galerie Baxter - Paris - 2021
Le Pavé d'Orsay - Paris - 2021
Exposition personnelle "Oxymores and more"
Synesthésies - Paris - 2021
Sciences Po - Lille - 2021
Exposition collective "Naufrage"
Galerie Popy Arvani - Paris - 2021
Exposition collective "Dérives"
Le Pavé d'Orsay - Paris - 2021
Exposition collective "L'Autre"
Galerie Popy Arvani - Paris - 2020
Exposition collective: "Nous sommes faits de l'étoffe de nos rêves et notre petite vie est entourée de sommeil." La Tempête, William Shakespeare
Galerie Baxter - Paris - 2020
Salon d'Art d'Etampes - 2020
Portes Ouvertes ENSAD - Paris - 2020
Galerie du Kador - Morgat -2019
Salon de Saint Grégoire - 2018
Galerie Baxter - Paris - 2018
Temple - Chapelle des Gobelins - 2018
Pavé d'Orsay -Paris - 2017
Salon d'Art d'Etampes - 2017
Galerie Detais - Vie de château - 2016
Galerie Detais - Paris - 2016
Mairie Paris 6 - Secrets - 2016
Prix Marin - 2015
Atelier Furthenbach - 2014
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